Thursday, January 27, 2011

PZ Cussons re-launches Duck soap

PZ Cussons has re-launched its Duck soap, targetted at deepening its market share in the laundry market.

The soap has been produced with properties that give more lather and last longer; it also brightens colours wash after wash and has long-lasting fragrance, whilst it is gentle on clothes and hands.

The product has been positioned as a family bar-soap, and has over the years built an image as a trusted brand in the washing-soap category of the Ghanaian market.
Duck soap was introduced into the Ghanaian laundry soap market in 1997 and had grown to become a major player, currently holding a substantial share of the market in the mini-segment.

Mr. Jim Judson, Managing Director of PZ Cussons Ghana, said the new identity of the Duck brand was aimed at re-introducing the product to consumers and to enable them identify and accept it.

“PZ Cussons constantly meets the consistency in producing quality products, hence we are driven by this vision to come up with a proposition that will not only appeal but also connect the brand with our consumers. PZ Cussons is in the country for the long-haul and will help encourage better personal and home-care practices, as well as help build a better relationship with the public,” he said.

Shirley Acquaah-Harrison, Marketing Manager, Home Care, at the re-launching of the Duck Soap in Accra explained that: “When you refresh your brand and you position your brand rightly, it affects your market shares in a positive way.

If someone gets tired of something, there is no motivation; but once you refresh, you bring the brand alive again in the minds of consumers - so definitely, it will affect your market share.”

She said: “PZ Cussons now see it as imperative to re-introduce the product to meet the consistency in producing quality products.

“The re-launch is being done in selected markets in Accra and three other marketing centres in Kumasi, Takoradi and Sunyani in order to meet the expected results of the new communication and also make the product accessible to retailers and consumers,” Acquaah-Harrison stated.

PZ Cussons Ghana Limited is the manufacturer of home, health-care and disinfectant products.

Among its flagship products is includes Camel antiseptic, launched in 1992 - aimed at providing consumers with the reassurance of maximum protection from germs. It currently occupies more than 55 percent market share.

PZ Cussons Ghana Limited is one of the early Companies that were first listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) at its inception in the early 1990’s.

The Company, which started operations in the then-Gold Coast in the 1930’s, began as a trading concern that imported goods from Europe for distribution and sale in the Gold Coast and West Africa as a whole.

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